Time for another weekend of exciting matches in BCG Super League edition 4 !!!

Another weekend round the corner and lets have a look at the coming up BSL 4 matches that will decide who will progress to 'MASTERS GROUP' and who will land up in 'DO OR DIE GROUP'. The matches have been interestingly scheduled in such a way that 2 teams get to play each other twice and the team which wins both or if its a 1-1 win for both the teams, then the team with a better net run rate progress to the 'MASTERS GROUP' and the other team will land up in 'DO OR DIE GROUP'.

(11-11-2017, Saturday at 7.30 am)

This will be the first match on Nov 11th, Saturday that will kick-start the 2nd weekend matches of BSL 4. This is the 2nd round match between these 2 sides. In the first encounter between these 2 sides, Dileep led Sphinx Samaraveeras had walked away winners in a low scoring thriller against Griffin Warriors the side led by Siddhu. It was left arm spinner Nikhil Sandeep's spin web in which he picked up 4 wickets including that of Griffins skipper Siddhu's wicket and danger man Nikhil Virupakshi which helped Samaraveeras to edge Griffins. Will Nikhil Sandeep along with other Samaraveeras bowlers like Ankit Goyal, Lakshmi and others again continue to trouble Griffin batsmen ? Or will Griffin's strong batting unit with the likes of Nav Krishna, Siddhu, Nikhil Virupakshi and others deliver it on the much needed day ? Lets watch and see.

Although Samaraveeras have a very little edge over Griffins because of their narrow victory in previous encounter a massive victory for Griffins may see them landing up in MASTERS GROUP. So both the teams have very much to play for and thus it promises to be yet another thrilling encounter for the spectators on a Super Saturday.  Whoever wins and progresses from this group to MASTERS GROUP will play Ravana Sena on Sunday in the first match of Masters group.

Sphinx Samaraveeras (squad): Dilip Kumar, Rajesh P, Srivatsa R, Chetan Krishna, Santosh Almeida, Sudeep, Nikhil Sandeep, Ankit G, Karthik Jr, Bharath J, Lakshmi kanth, Subhashish B, Srinivas, Jayendra Bharath, Rakesh VS, Sumith Puri, Chinni Vijay Kumar, Kenny John

Griffin Warriors (squad): Siddharth Varmen, Nav Krishna, Viney K, Hrishikesh V, Parikshit, Nikhil Virupakshi, Suraj H, Ramjith, Vibhu M, Gangadhar, Bhargav V, Praseeth, Deekshith M, Pradeep, Santhosh C, Dhayalan, Niloy S, Vaibhav Chugh

(11-11-2017, Saturday at 10.45 am)

Second match on Saturday promises to be yet another blockbuster as Ravin led side Thundering Typhons will play Drakon Force skippered by Lennold in their second round encounter.

The first encounter between these 2 sides which promised to be the toughest battle of 1st round in BSL 4 turned out to be a easy victory for TT's thanks to a sparkling batting performance by Rishabh Krishna and a  fiery bowling spell by Ashutosh Singh. Manish Narayanan was the lone spark for Drakon force as he picked up tournament's first hatrick and also played a good knock with the bat to give some hope for Drakon Force but all his efforts went in vain as his team was bowled out. Will Rishabh and Fahed be able to bring out a similar performance with tha bat for the Typhons or will the costliest buy of BSL 4, Kedar Kulkarni along with all rounder Manish Naraynan be able to help Drakon Force to prevail over Thundering Typhons in their must win second round encounter ? Will have to be waited and watched.

As both the teams go into their second round match both the teams will be looking out for a win although Typhons have a slight edge over the opponents thanks to their superb win in the first match against Drakon Force. But a big win for Drakon force may see Ravin's Typhons to nose dive into 'DO OR DIE' group. So both the teams especially Typhons cannot take this match lightly and for DRAKON FORCE its time to get their acts together and go for the giant kill.

Thundering Typhons (squad): Ravin, Adarsh, Raman, Rishabh K, Fahed, Shashi, Ritish M, Kenza, Govind, Rana S, Prash, Sandesh, Vasanth, Ashutosh S, Prasanna, Saleem S, Soyeb

Drakon Force (squad): Lennold, Kaushal, S Nikesh, Kedar, Ronson, Vignesh P, Manish N, Elisha, Khadar B, Deepak A, Sekhar B, Manikant G, Raghavendra K, Raghavendra Talekar, Sudarshan, Jaison, Arun D

(11-11-2017, Saturday at 2.00 pm)

The last match on Saturday will be the second round encounter for Ravee led side Assault Ayyannars and Rising Phoenix captained by Raghu G.

The first round match between these 2 sides resulted in a win for Rising Phoenix and it was a yet another low scoring thriller. The two men who majorly contributed in this victory for Raghu's side were Sumeet Bagewadi who shone with the ball and Ravi Kiran who batted sensibly to ensure his team chased the target successfully. Sumeet bagged 5 wickets and Ravi Kiran remained unbeaten on 46. Can these 2 repeat a similar performance and ensure a victory for Rising Phoenix will be the question on everyones mind when these 2 teams meet on Saturday for their second encounter. Besides these 2 men if others including skipper Raghu, Neehal, and Jai can bring their acts together it will be another easy victory for Rising Phoenix. On the other side Assault Ayyannars will need all their players to perform brilliantly in both bowling and batting departments if their team needs to win this must win game. One or 2 bright individual performances will not be something what Ravee will want from his side, rather a collective performance from his side will be the captains order.

Assault Ayyannars will have to go for the kill and win this match because for them only a win with good margin will help them reach the MASTERS GROUP and a defeat will mean they will have to fight it out in 'DO OR DIE' group. Rising Phoenix on the other hand sits in a comfortable position but they too cannot afford to take anything easy because a big defeat will not help their cause.

Rising Phoenix (squad): Raghu, Neehal, Ravi Kiran, Sumeet B, Sandeep N, Pankaj S, Marian S, Senthil K, Kranthi, Santosh, Ganesh, Raghavendra, Kifayath P, Mayur K, Akash Shenvi, Sunny, Harsh M Gupta

Assault Ayyannars (squad): Ravee, Karthik G, Shabarish, Chethan G, Kishore DK, Utkarsh, Pradeep R, Sarath, Aashik F, Neeraj, Bharath Reddy, Sivaramakrishna, Karthick, Madhu, Arun Nair, Karthik Y, Saleem Mallick, Surbhit

(12-11-2017, Sunday at 7.30 am)

This will be the first match on Sunday but the last match before the 'MASTER GROUP' and 'DO OR DIE' matches commence.

In the previous encounter between these 2 sides, it was Zombie Killers the team lead by Raushan Anand which was victorious against Bharath Sequeira led side, The Centaurs. But the past is past and Centaurs will be hoping for a good victory so that they can qualify for the MASTERS GROUP, but for that Centaurs which looks so strong on paper will require their key players to bring out their best performance in a collective manner.

In the previous encounter between these sides Shishir of Zombie Killers ran through the top order of Centaurs which comprise of quality players like Anand Kumar, Varun and Raghuraman, Thanks to Suresh and opener Avinash who led the recovery for Centaurs who were dealt early blows by Shishir. If Centaurs can get their batsmen to perform collectively then they have a great bowling line up who could defend any scores. Zombie Killers will be hoping for a repeat performance from their bowling line up comprising of Shishir, Raushan and Vivek Nair who destroyed Centaurs in their first game. The only area of concern for Zombie Killers would be the performance of their batting unit which actually struggled although they had a low score to chase.

Although Zombie Killers have their noses ahead because of their first game victory they will be aware that a big defeat may land them up in DO OR DIE GROUP.

Zombie Killers (squad): Raushan, Mahesh, Anup N, Sriram, Shishir, Vivek N, Anupam T, Jibran, Jithin, Suhas, Hilal, Vikram, Bhanuprakash, Siddhant, Nagraj, Wasim, Sunil R

The Centaurs (squad): Bharath S, Prashant M, Anand Kumar, Aman, Gaurav B, Lakshman, Sunil K, Ashutosh, Ajit H, Varun S, Suresh D, Ikpreet, Avinash BM, Ram B, Lijju, Raghuraman, Mugundhan, Sandeep S

RAVANA SENA who was the first team to reach MASTERS GROUP with two consecutive victories against Villanous Vampires will play their first match on Sunday 10.45 am. Their opponents will be confirmed only after the match between Sphinx Samaraveeras and Griffin Warriors. 


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