PARIKRMA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2017: Most awaited inter-school football tournament of Bangalore is back

The most awaited Inter-school football tournament in Bangalore is back and guess what, its even bigger this year. This year the tournament will witness schools from outside the city too.

Parikrma Champions League, a tournament which was started by Parikrma as they were not allowed to participate in various inter-school tournaments conducted by elite and prestigious schools in Bangalore has been a big hit right from its first year and has become one of the most popular and best inter-school tournaments in Bangalore. More over this is a tournament for the budding youngsters to showcase their talent that too on an International standard turf and in a stadium environment. 

After raising the bar for school football sport in the city the last few years, the Parikrma Champions League in association with the All India Football Federation and Karnataka State Football Association, a one-of-a-kind U-16 boys football tournament, is back with the 7th championship tournament and promises to be bigger and better.

PCL 2017 at a glance:

  • A total of 16 schools will be participating and it includes 3 out-of-state schools and one school from Dubai.
  • The Coachers’ Pledge – where all participating coaches pledge fair play.
  • A special exhibition mixed match (both girls and boys) and its going to be a first of a kind match in PCL.
  • State-of-the-art technology (bone-density test) used to determine students’ ages correctly.
  • Large LED screens with custom-made animations, live video feed and a unique score tracking system. Young players will feel like real professionals as they walk onto the field through a tunnel, being cheered on by crowds.
  • Outstanding individual performances and skill will be awarded with exciting prizes.
  • Exhibition match on the morning of the finals. Spotters will identify the most skilled players from 16 teams to form a Parikrma All-Star team that will take on CEOs of Bengaluru’s leading corporate companies in a 20-minute exhibition match.
  • In an effort to raise the level of the game each year, the matches this year will have 20-minute halves and the Semi-Finals and Finals will have 30-minute halves. The Parikrma Champions League 2017 will be a ranking tournament for the top 8 teams who will move into the Quarter Finals after the league stage.

And as far as the partners for this tournament are concerned, Identiti will be providing clothing for the officials. Manipal Hospital will be providing medical support for the tournament, ensuring that a doctor and nurse are present at the stadium on all five days in case of any injuries or medical emergency.

The tournament has been inaugurated today some time back and will be played till 25th November at the Bangalore Football Stadium.

We hope there are lot of talented young footballers unearthed from this tournament.


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