BSL 4: Victory matters !!!

Thundering Typhons vs Rising Phoenix
18-11-2017, Saturday @ 7.30 am

An exciting encounter to begin 3rd weekend's action of BSL 4. Both these teams will be eager to bounce back from their defeats in their previous match. And being in Do-or-die group, both these teams have no time for relaxation and will be wanting to win all their remaining matches. TT's were pushed to the Do-or-die group by Drakon Force while it was Assault Ayyannnars who forced Rising Phoenix to the Do-or-die group.

For TT's, Fahed has been their most consistent batsman and will also want their keeper batsman Rishabh Krishna to bounce back from his failure in their previous match against Drakon force. Adarshanand too looked good with the bat for TT's in the last match. These 3 men will be the key men for TT's when it comes to their batting. The bowling attack of TT's has been inconsistent in the 2 matches they have played and this will be the main area TT skipper Ravin will hope for a big improvement. In the first match TT's bowling was at its best and restricted opposition to less than 100 while in the second match TT's bowling was its worst as they allowed opposition to chase a 100+ target within 12th over.

Rising Phoenix too has suffered because of inconsistent performances from the whole team. All rounder Ravi Kiran has been the only player to perform consistently with the ball and bat for Rising Phoenix and that will be a cause of concern for the skipper because cricket is a team game and over reliance on any individual can hurt the team badly. So RP skipper Raghu will be hoping that other players too will step up and ensure their team does well in the remaining matches of the tournament. Sumeet B will be the go to man for Rising Phoenix skipper when it comes to bowling. Both the team looks good on paper and we can hope for an exciting game of cricket.

Thundering Typhons (squad): Ravin, Adarsh, Raman, Rishabh K, Fahed, Shashi, Ritish M, Kenza, Govind, Rana S, Prash, Sandesh, Vasanth, Ashutosh S, Prasanna, Saleem S, Soyeb

Rising Phoenix (squad): Raghu, Neehal, Ravi Kiran, Sumeet B, Sandeep N, Pankaj S, Marian S, Senthil K, Kranthi, Santosh, Ganesh, Raghavendra, Kifayath P, Mayur K, Akash Shenvi, Sunny, Harsh M Gupta

Drakon Force vs Assault Ayyannars
18-11-2017, Saturday @ 10.45 am

This will be the second match of the day and also the second match of Masters group. Both these teams entered Masters group after losing their first match and later winning their second match convincingly.

The most expensive player of BSL 4 Kedar Kulkarni looked threatening with the ball in the last match but once again did not have a good day with the bat, Drakon force will be hoping to see much improved performance with the bat from Kedar. The other all rounder in the side Manish Narayanan who looked brilliant with bat and ball in 1st match did not have much role to play in the second match as others did the job, he to will be a key man for Drakon force. Opener Kaushal as usual has been consistent with his performance and if he can repeat a similar performance with the bat as in their previous match against Thundering Typhons then Assault Ayyannars will have a tough time. These three men will be crucial for Drakon Force and if others too like Sudarshan, Ronson and Arun D can come up with some good performances then Drakon Force will be a tough team to beat.

Assault Ayyannars will be a happy unit as there top 3 batsmen including skipper Ravee looked in great form in their last match and will be hoping their form continues in the game against against Drakon Force too. Ravee also hit his first 50 of BSL 4. But Ravee and other batsmen will be aware that they will be up against one of the best bowling attacks of BSL 4 and it will not be as easy like their last game against Thundering Typhons. Middle order of Ayyannars also looks decent with all rounders like Saleem Mallick and others. There bowling unit, unlike Drakon force is not so very threatening, but like their last game if every bowler can do their duty of bowling some good line and length then they have a good chance of winning.

Assault Ayyannars (squad): Ravee, Karthik G, Shabarish, Chethan G, Kishore DK, Utkarsh, Pradeep R, Sarath, Aashik F, Neeraj, Bharath Reddy, Sivaramakrishna, Karthick, Madhu, Arun Nair, Karthik Y, Saleem Mallick, Surbhit

Drakon Force (squad): Lennold, Kaushal, S Nikesh, Kedar, Ronson, Vignesh P, Manish N, Elisha, Khadar B, Deepak A, Sekhar B, Manikant G, Raghavendra K, Raghavendra Talekar, Sudarshan, Jaison, Arun D

Zombie Killers vs Villainous Vampires

18-11-2017, Saturday @ 2.00 pm

The 3rd match of the day will be between Zombie Killers and Villainous Vampires. In this Do-or-die group encounter Villainous Vampires will be the team going into the match with the positive momentum as this will be their second match of this round and in their first match of this round they had beaten Griffin Warriors convincingly. And for Zombie Killers this will be their 1st match of this round. Zombie Killers will be coming into this match after a loss to Centaurs in their previous match, and this loss resulted in them ending up in the Do-or-die group. 

Like all other teams Zombie Killers too have some big names like Shishir, Raushan Anand and Vivek Nair but its the inconsistency from the players that costed them a spot in the Masters Group. Shishir has been brilliant with the new ball but has struggled in both the games with the bat. If he finds his batting form in the coming up game then it will be a huge boost for Zombie Killers. Same is the case with Vivek Nair too, with ball he has been brilliant but with the bat he has been quite ordinary. Besides these 2 key men, Zombies will be hoping to see some good performances from other players too as this is a team game and a win becomes easier if there is a collective team effort rather than 2 or 3 players performing well. 

On the other hand VV's will be happy to see their captain Shankar coming to form with a good knock in their previous match and also the innings from Tarun C was quite encouraging. The worry for them as far as their batting unit is concerned will  be the form of their mentor Praveen S who has failed in all 3 games with the bat. When it comes to VV 's bowling, their key bowlers have not performed to their highest levels and this will be a cause for concern. Its been the part time bowlers like Praveen S who has been much better with the ball. And VV skipper Shankar will want to see his main bowlers coming back to their best if VV has to do well in this tournament. 

Zombie Killers (squad): Raushan, Mahesh, Anup N, Sriram, Shishir, Vivek N, Anupam T, Jibran, Jithin, Suhas, Hilal, Vikram, Bhanuprakash, Siddhant, Nagraj, Wasim, Sunil

Villainous Vampires (squad): Shankar, Praveen, Shankar, Manjunath, Shivakumar, Anand VK, Saqib, Sameer, Praney T, Uday, Ajinkya, Soham, Thomson, Tarun, Gopi C, Purnendu


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