Bengaluru's contribution to Indian team which just played the FIFA U-17 World cup 2017

When India won the rights to host the U-17 FIFA World cup there were lot of talks and rumors of Bengaluru being a venue for the high profile tournament. But when the venues were finally announced the football loving fans of Bengaluru did not have any good news to celebrate as Bengaluru was not chosen as a venue for the World cup matches. 

But when the Indian squad for the U-17 FIFA World cup was announced there was some great news awaiting the Bengaluru Football fraternity. Two boys from the city was selected in the squad and that sparked of celebrations in football crazy pockets of Bengaluru. SANJEEV STALIN and HENDRY ANTONAY were the 2 lucky boys from Bengaluru in the Indian squad. 

These 2 boys had been part of the junior Indian teams from few years and their selection was not a surprising one. 


Sanjeev, a defender and usually who plays in the left back position is also the team's dead-ball specialist. Infact how can one forget the cross he gave from a corner in the match against Colombia which resulted in India's first FIFA WORLD CUP goal. It was his assist which was headed inside the goal post by Jeakson Singh and which sparked of wild celebrations in the stadium and also across India.  

It was the goal which he scored against UAE in AFC-U 16 Championships which gave him the initial fame and limelight. It was a goal which he scored through a free kick. 

Sanjeev who comes from a humble background developed interest for the game from his father who always dreamt of his son becoming a professional footballer. It was his dad who introduced him to the game of football. In a recent interview Sanjeev was asked who has been his greatest inspiration in football and the name which came out from his mouth was his father's.
Sanjeev always had strong support from his entire family, they gave him confidence and made him believe in his abilities and convinced him to take football seriously.
Born on January 1, 2001 in Bengaluru, Sanjeev joined Chandigarh Football Academy at the age of 10.

The goal Sanjeev Stalin scored in AFC U-16 championships !!!


Like Sanjeev Stalin, Hendry Antonay is also a defender in the Indian team. 

Hendry picked up his footballing boots in Bengaluru’s Austin Town like the rest of his peers in the locality. He soon caught the eye of Sports Authority of India coach Mary Victoria when he took part in a ‘Come and Play Scheme’. 
Hendry has a twin brother Ajay Alex, they both play in Ozone Fc which is a Bengaluru based professional football club.
When Ajay was asked about his brother Hendry this is how he responded, He always wanted to be a football player, he used to not concentrate on studies, he just wanted to play football. 
It was in Ozone, under the club’s patronage, that he played football professionally and moved to Pune FC to play for their U-15 I-League. During his two-year stint at the club, he was also part of the Karnataka state team at the U-14 level and broke into the national team in the same category before joining Pune FC.
Infact for both these players their career has just started. And we would wish both of them good luck for the future. 


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