Story of Jindal steel works(JSW's) love for the game of football in Bangalore !!!

A year back Football in Bangalore was like a child lost in a carnival and did not know where to go. There was no proper guidance and management. There were only small step developments which were hardly noticed by anyone. But all of a sudden things have changed around when it comes to football in Bangalore. First it was the launch of South United FC and now its Bengaluru FC. Although South United FC had a grand launch and a good honeymoon period all of a sudden the club is facing few problems at the moment and are not much talked about these days.

But the second professional club formed by JSW(Jindal steel works) called Bengaluru FC are the talk of the town and even among the football fans all around India. Everything they have been doing from their formation has been a success. The team is coached by Ashley Westwood, former Manchester United player and a popular man in English football.The team also has some strong players including the Indian football captain Sunil chettri and Indian striker Robin singh. When it comes to foreigners in the side John Johnson is their key man. Having played in English Premier League for Middlesbrough Fc, experience of Johnson can be really useful for the side. The team also comprises talented local lads like Amoes and Mani. 

Besides the team formation JSW management has given equal importance to overall club development and marketing of the team as well. They have also transformed the Bangalore football stadium as well. The stadium has underwent mini renovation and now certainly looks like a football stadium. The stadium has been painted with the club colors Blue and orange and the seats have also been bettered. Ticket prices have been increased and club T-shirts and Jerseys have also been made available for the Fans. The facebook page of Bengaluru Fc has also been very active with many interesting posts and pictures. Better sound system and security measures within the stadium has brought the feeling that Football can be a family enjoyed sport in Bangalore. 

And for all these marketing efforts a turnaround of 6,000 fans in the Bangalore football stadium for the first I-League game of Bengaluru FC against Mohun Bagan was a tremendous result. Hope the second match of Bengaluru FC will witness much more crowd than the first match because of the tremendous marketing and promotional activities.


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