Yet another good news for Bangalore football fans

Bangalore football stadium has been one of the most preferred stadiums in India by AIFF for conducting Domestic football after the relaying of the Artificial turf 2 years back. Eventhough the gallery, dressing rooms and other facilities are in pathetic state the turf in Bangalore stadium has been one of the best in India. The recent good news for all football fans in Bangalore was the hosting of the recently concluded I-League 2nd division Group C matches in Bangalore Stadium, but that was no the only good news. AIFF has now decided to conduct the final round matches of the I-League 2nd division in Bangalore stadium. The final round matches will begin on 30th March, Saturday.

Top 2 teams from each group, Group A and Group B will be joining the top two teams of Group C Mumbai Tigers and Southern Samity in the final round matches.The other 4 teams from the other 2 groups are Lansing, Rangdajied United FC, Mohammedan Sporting Club, and Bhawanipore FC. 

The only disappointment for the Fans in Garden city will be that the two clubs from Bangalore, South United Fc and KGF academy will not be a part of this round as they failed to qualify.

The tickets have been priced at Rs 20, Rs 50 and Rs 100. 


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