Gender doesn't matter for 'SOCCER'

At a time when Soccer is largely considered a men's game in the garden city there are certainly few who considers it to be an all gender game. Girls in garden city are no more strangers to the beautiful game of soccer in namma Bengaluru. This was quite evident in the just concluded Budweiser 6'a' side tourney in Bangalore. The surprising element of this tournament was the participation of few female teams The spirit of these girls during the matches have been something to look forward to. And if many thinks this is not enough to support the rise of fame of soccer among the female gender in Bangalore, there are many other positives to support this claim.

I dont know how many of you people will be knowing about the girls soccer team in all top colleges in Bangalore. The colleges which have girls football teams are Christ University, Mount Carmel college, Jyothi Nivas College, St Josephs College of Commerce and few more colleges. These girls may not possess the same skills and speed like the male players, but their spirit and aggression in a match is something equal to the spirit and aggression which is visible in a men's match.


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